What is the European Youth Forum?

The European Youth Forum (YFJ) is the Platform of Youth Organisations in Europe, established by National Youth Councils and International Non-governmental Youth Organisations across Europe. It strives to protect the interests of young people across Europe and promotes their active participation in building a common Europe. It collaborates with international institutions, mainly the European Union, the Council of Europe and the United Nations. It channels the flow of information and opinions between young people and policy makers. The European Youth Forum has 104 members – National Youth Councils (NYC) and International Non-governmental Youth Organisations (INGYO) that are also federations that collect tens of millions of young people in all European countries.

For a list of our member organisations, check http://www.youthforum.org/about/member-organisations/.

When was it established?

The European Youth Forum is an international organisation established in 1996 by National Youth Councils and International Non-governmental Youth Organisations. It is the successor of the Youth Forum of the European Union (YFEU) established in 1978, of the Council of European National Youth Committees (CENYC) established in 1963 and the European Co-ordination Bureau of International non-governmental Youth Organisations (ECB-BEC) established in 1972, which represented the interests of young people back then.

Can I join the European Youth Forum as an individual?

Only independent non-governmental organisations based in Europe that meet the criteria stipulated in the Statutes of the European Youth Forum can join our organisation. For information on membership issues related to our platform, contact ivana.davidovska@youthforum.org.

Who can participate in the meetings of the European Youth Forum?

Only delegates representing member organisations of the European Youth Forum. We also organise several events that are open to non-members during the year.

Where does your money come from?

The European Youth Forum receives an annual grant from the European Commission following a decision of the Council and the European Parliament. The Forum also receives a coordinating grant from the Council of Europe. The accounts are audited by internal auditors elected from the membership, by an external audit company and by the Financial Services of the European Commission.

Can the European Youth Forum fund some of our projects or activities?

No. The European Youth Forum does not provide any funding.

What type of activities are organised by the Youth Forum?

Conferences, trainings, information and networking days, hearings with institutions, etc…

Who administers the European Youth Forum?

The Secretary General is responsible for the daily management of the Secretariat of the European Youth Forum. For political issues, a board consisting of a President, two Vice-Presidents and eight members assume political responsibility for the European Youth Forum between statutory meetings (General Assembly and Council of Members).

Every two years, the member organisations meet together at the General Assembly where they adopt a work plan for two years, which establishes the European Youth Forum priorities. Twice a year however, member organisations also meet for the Council Members to further develop the organisation’s policies. Between these statutory meetings, the President and the Board are responsible for the organisation, together with the Secretary General, who manages the Secretariat.

Why become a Member organisation of the Youth Forum?

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