For Youth Rights

Young people, like all other human beings, are entitled to the full respect, protection and promotion of their human rights and fundamental freedoms. The Forum strives for youth rights to be recognised and protected. We are working with the institutions, especially the Council of Europe, and partners.

The European Youth Forum adopts a rights-based approach to youth policy that integrates the norms, standards and principles of the international human rights system into the development, implementation and evaluation of youth policy. A rights-based approach means that we:

• Empower young people to claim, exercise and defend their rights and fulfill their responsibilities through their active participation in society;

• Encourage mutually accountable partnerships between young people and duty bearers responsible for validating youth rights;

• Actively work against the discrimination of young people on age or any other grounds, and towards ensuring the full inclusion of youth within society.

The right-based Approach definition

Want to understand more about youth rights, their legal basis and importantly the processes and mechanisms that are available to highlight violations of rights or shortcomings in the access to rights? Explore our online guide:

Promoting youth rights: How to harness the power of human rights instruments

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