Stronger Youth Civil Society

The Youth Forum strongly believes that young people deserve to be heard and that they need their own structures and channels to voice their concerns. We support our members to become more relevant, stronger as well as better equipped to sustain that role. We also actively support the process of establishment, legal and financial recognition of national youth councils, especially in the regions of South-Eastern Europe (SEE), Eastern Europe and Caucasus (EEC), and in the countries most affected by the economic crisis.

We work in different countries, such as Albania, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland or Bosnia Herzegovina, with the local youth civil society to support either the creation or strengthening of national youth councils.

We want youth organisations to contribute more and better to youth policy development in order to obtain more relevant and more accurate policies for young people.

We advocate for the recognition of the impact of youth work and volunteering in society. The Youth Forum developed a Charter for the Rights and Responsibilities of the Volunteers. Its implementation should be the frame for new European and national policies across Europe.


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