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European Youth Forum condemns ongoing harassment of youth & human rights activists in Belarus

April 20, 2016

The European Youth Forum, in a resolution adopted by its Council of Members, has highlighted the violations of freedom of speech and human rights in Belarus and has called on the Council of Europe and other institutions to prioritise real democratic change in Belarus. The resolution also calls for measures to respect the rights of young people in the country.


The resolution, proposed by the Belarus National Youth Council RADA, points out the continued pressure that Belarusian students and student NGOs face regarding violations of their rights and freedoms including crack-downs on their right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech. The Youth Forum urges international institutions to ensure full and fair inclusion of Belarusian non-governmental youth organisations in dialogue regarding youth.


In the context of the improvement in relations between the EU and Belarus signified by the recent non-extension of sanctions and restrictive measures, the Youth Forum states its view that there has not yet been sufficient reform in Belarus as citizens continue to have their rights violated and there appears to be no willingness to reform the highly oppressive legal system.

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