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From the EU Youth Conference – Thessaloniki, Greece

March 11, 2014

Today (11th March) is day two of the EU Youth Conference in Thessaloniki and young people and policy makers, are getting to grips with key issues to do with social inclusion of young people across Europe. The EU Youth Conference is organised by the Greek Presidency of the Council of the EU and the Youth Forum is one of the main partners involved in the Conference together with the Greek Youth Council. This event is the opportunity for young representatives and policy-makers from all over Europe to join forces and push the European Union to strengthen its action to ensure that young people are properly included in society.

Yesterday morning the 250 delegates attended the official opening of the conference, after which the youth delegates and Ministry representatives started their work together in seven joint workshops covering the main issues around social inclusion: quality education, quality transition to employment, quality jobs, inter-generational solidarity, conditions for active inclusion, and youth and social entrepreneurship.

Today delegates will continue to discuss the topics together and will aim to formulate joint recommendations for enhancing social inclusion of all young people, including through youth entrepreneurship, which is the main focus of the Greek Presidency in the youth field.

The EU Youth Conference is a core element of the EU process of the structured dialogue with young people and brings together 250 participants – both young people and Ministry representatives – from all 28 EU Member States. The joint discussion is based upon the inputs and suggestions expressed by over 15,000 young people and more than 700 experts and public authorities from all over the EU.

The Youth Forum is looking forward to the joint recommendations of young people and policy-makers. They will be announced tomorrow morning at the official closing of the EU Youth Conference. Stay tuned and watch it live on on Wednesday 12th March from 08:00 GMT to 10:00 GMT!

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