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MEPs show support for Youth Guarantee

January 23, 2018

Last week, the European Parliament adopted a report on the implementation of the Youth Guarantee and its main funding instrument, the Youth Employment Initiative.

The Youth Guarantee is an important initiative to tackle youth unemployment and social exclusion and the European Youth Forum was happy to see that the scheme received strong support from many MEPs across different political groups during the plenary debate.

The final text of the report lacks a reference to a rights based approach to employment, which we believe is key to better recognising and implementing young people’s social and labour rights. However, we welcome the report and strongly support its call for a more effective Youth Guarantee, as it matches our key recommendations on the need for improved quality and inclusiveness of the scheme.

Moreover, we are pleased to see that the report highlights the fundamental role that youth organisations can play in implementing the Youth Guarantee, and encourages the involvement of young people themselves in the monitoring of the scheme. We also support the Parliament’s call for continued funding to be provided, also in the next EU budget, to ensure that the Youth Employment Initiative becomes a more permanent and stable source of financing.

The Youth Guarantee has the potential to make a difference in the life of millions of young people in Europe. Decision makers must continue to support the scheme for it to become an EU-wide right accessible to all young people, and to ensure that the offers under the programme become more sustainable and qualitative, leading to real opportunities.

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