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Regional youth platforms meet in Brussels to discuss a sustainable future

December 13, 2017

From 1st of December to 3rd of December, the European Youth Forum hosted in Brussels a meeting with the regional youth platforms from around the world to foster relationships and develop common projects for the future.

Representatives from the Caribbean Regional Youth Council, the Latin American and Caribbean Youth Forum, the Pacific Youth Council, the Pan-African Youth Union and of the Network of International Youth Organisations in Africa met with the Youth Forum representatives to develop joint projects for 2018-2019.

Over three days, the representatives discussed the contexts in which they work and outlined the state of youth in various regions. They explored how regional youth platforms can work together in the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Besides, they have set strategic priorities for the different regional youth platforms.

As regional youth platforms, these organisations are the representatives of youth organisations, and through them, millions of young people across the respective regions. It is vital, therefore, that we work together to improve the situation of young people around the world.

The European Youth Forum looks forward to broadening and deepening this cooperation with all of the regional youth platforms from all over the world to ensure that the decisions made are sustainable for future generations.

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