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Youth organisations leading the way in internship reform in Catalonia

September 4, 2015

The Parliament of Catalonia this summer have passed a Resolution on quality internships, a process kick-started and pushed forward by youth organisations.

The Resolution urges the government of Catalonia to create a working group that includes representatives of youth organisations, labour unions, universities and educational departments, trade associations and business persons as well as the government, in order to work towards a legally-binding Catalan framework to make internships a real educational experience.

This working group will, among others, pursue the following goals:

  •  Internships must be a quality educational experience, attached to specific educational training programs and with the support of a mentor. 
  • Internships should not replace jobs and should have safe and fair working conditions. 
  • he expenses generated during the internship must be reimbursed and in case of paid internships, the minimum compensation should be the minimum wage (SMI).

The Resolution makes it compulsory for the government to make the framework of quality internships a binding one and to set up evaluation and control mechanisms to make it enforceable- if relevant, also allowing the penalisation of any bad practices undertaken by companies or workplaces.  

CNJC, the National Youth Council of Catalonia has emphasised that the whole process has been driven by youth organisations with the aim of achieving quality internships as outlined in the European Youth Forum’s Quality Charter for Internships. The European Youth Forum hopes that the Resolution will be turned into reality, and that other regions and countries of Europe, will follow in its steps – to ensure quality internships for all young people.

The Resolution can be found here: Catalonia internship resolution

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