Europe is facing threats; youth is bringing hope

February 2, 2017

As EU leaders meet in Malta, young Europeans are looking out for signs of a better future. The European Youth Forum calls on EU leaders to do all possible to unleash the potential of Europe’s youth.

This Friday, European Council President, Donald Tusk, has convened the EU leaders to discuss the future of the European Union.

As too often these days, the picture is far from being bright: a seriously concerning geopolitical situation, the rise of populist, short-sighted and increasingly xenophobic discourse and a clear lack of ambition from our leaders are putting at risk the great achievements of European integration for the last 60 years.

Facing this, young people, the most pro-European generation by birth, are bringing hope. But, unfortunately, they are not given the tools and means to fully unleash their potential.

In Bratislava, leaders committed to “create a promising future for all, safeguard our way of life and provide better opportunities for youth”. Since then, the European Youth Forum has been calling on the European Union and its Members States to[1]:

  • Fight youth unemployment;
  • Support EU enhanced programmes for youth;
  • Foster youth participation in democratic life;

The European Youth Forum has a simple message to our leaders, as they gather tomorrow in Malta: give young people more ways to contribute to Europe and Europe will not be threatened anymore.

President Tusk asks leaders to show European pride and to be courageous in doing so. What can we be more proud than saying with confidence that we trust young people? Give us space and invest in us!

Next week, in Maastricht, celebrating the 25th anniversary of our Union, the European Youth Forum is gathering thousands of young people to develop ideas on how to youth up Europe. We will bring these ideas to Rome, on 25th March, when we will celebrate the foundations of this great European journey.

Young people are standing united; young people are bringing courage, determination and solidarity. Young people are bringing hope.

[1] Read the European Youth Forum position on how to unleash the potential of Europe’s youth:


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