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Youth participation

We are part of the biggest youth population the world has ever seen! We are also politically active, engaged and often at the forefront of many global movements and youth-led organisations.

However, we are also the generation most likely to “opt-out” of conventional political processes. Voter turnout at elections is lowest among young people, and political parties struggle to recruit young members.

How can we bridge this growing distance between young people and political institutions? We need to make sure that all young people have access to their right to participate in democracy and this means removing barriers and creating equal opportunity. We can do this with better citizenship education, electoral reform and lowering the voting age.

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Introducing our new report: “Beyond Lockdown: the ‘pandemic scar’ on young people”

17. 06. 2021
With our new report, “Beyond Lockdown: the ‘pandemic scar’ on young people’, we sought to go beyond the immediate impact of the pandemic, and analyse the youth-specific medium and long-term consequences of COVID-19 in Europe, with a focus on three key areas: work and income; education and learning; and mental health and well being.

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