The vote comparator - what do parties say about the issues you care about?

24. 04. 2019

With all campaigning around the European Elections, the soundbites, articles, interviews and information overload - what do European political parties actually stand for?

Find out who best reflects your views

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The European Youth Forum’s vote comparator tool offers a clear breakdown on many topics. Discover what parties think about:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Democracy
  • Migration
  • Social Rights
  • Digital
  • Equal and Open Societies
  • Quality Jobs

How does it work?

The Vote Comparator lets you directly compare the positions of 2 political parties at once. Simply select the 2 parties and the ‘theme’ that you’re interested in. 

Why a vote comparator?

This tool was designed by the European Youth Forum with financial support from Citizens for Europe and the expertise of many civil society organisations. The aim of the tool is to provide voters with information about the positions of the main European political parties on issues of interest to them and that have an impact on their lives, especially young people. 

Where did we get the information?

The content comes directly from written responses of European political parties to a number of questions that were formulated by civil society organisations experts in each topic covered. All registered European political parties were contacted for responses. 

If you see a blank answers when using the tool, don't hesitate to help us make this tool more complete by contacting the European political party in question, and asking them to respond!


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