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02/06/2023 - 12/06/2023 |

Explore the issues and activities that the European Youth Forum will bring to the European Youth Event this year.

On your way to Strasbourg? Don't forget to drop by our stand in the EYE Village to say hi and engage in our actions.

Youth Matters! Does it though? - Panel discussion

There’s a lot of talk about mainstreaming youth perspectives into all policy areas, beyond the classic "youth" topics. Yet young people are rarely consulted when it comes to decisions about sustainability, infrastructure or security, even though these choices will have a huge impact on their lives. How can we make sure that policymakers have systems in place to understand how policies across all areas will affect young people?

Are you attending our discussion? Here's a reminder of the times and rooms:

  • Friday 09/06, 11:45-13:15, N 3.2 👉 Registrations closed
  • Saturday 10/06, 13:30-15:00, R 3.1 👉 Registrations closed

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