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Is your organisation an emerging International network of youth organisations or a National representative body? Are you interested in the membership in the Youth Forum?

Then you are on the right page!

Before exploring the specific criteria and categories of membership, here are some general points to be aware of:


Who can be member of the European Youth Forum?

Only independent non-governmental organisations based in Europe that meet the criteria stipulated in the Statutes of the European Youth Forum can join our organisation. If you are a young person looking for joining a youth organisation or become active in the European youth field, you can explore the work of our Member Organisations, active on international and local levels.


What are the categories of membership and criteria?

There is a set of general and specific criteria, an applicant organisation must comply with.

General Criteria

  • to accept and work for the purpose of the Forum;
  • to be a non-governmental and not for profit organisation;
  • to have democratic aims and structures and accept the principles of the European Convention of Human Rights;
  • to fully acknowledge the Statutes of the Forum;
  • to work with young people and have a decision making body controlled by young people;
  • not to be subject to direction in their decisions by any external authority.


There are three categories of members in the Youth Forum:

– Full members

– Candidate members 

– Observer members 


How can you benefit from joining the Youth Forum?

  • Have your voice heard in Europe - becoming a member organisation of the European Youth Forum will give access to European and international institutions.
  • Help decide on the future of youth in Europe - becoming a member organisation of the European Youth Forum will give access to decision and policy making of the platform and the possibility to nominate candidates for working structures.
  • Grow stronger - the European Youth Forum provides numerous opportunities for capacity building and organisational development
  • Share your expertise through various networks and expert groups to improve the situation of young people in Europe.
  • Participate in different events at the European level - the European Youth Forum regularly organises events on various topics relevant to young people.
  • Networking - connect and exchange best practices with 100 national and international youth organisations.

How to start a membership procedure?

Before opening a membership procedure and submitting an application, we invite you to first explore the Guidelines for Membership application, available for download here. This document explains all the steps and requirements of the membership application process, your should be aware of.

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