European Elections 2019

Change is coming!

On 23-26 May people from across the continent will have a chance to shape the future of Europe they want to see. The question is, will there be a space for young people to have their voice heard?

The road to a new European Parliament must include youth! The European Youth Forum’s #ChangeIsComing campaign aims to amplify young people’s vision, ideas and opinions and bring European democracy closer to us, as young Europeans. We are calling on every political party and every candidate to engage with us, listen to us and represent us!

Why do we need change?

The 2019 European elections will take place at a pivotal time for the European Union, as its future is questioned and challenged more and more. Inadequate responses to the financial and economic crises, to combating climate change, poverty, and to addressing rising inequalities, have put its future at risk. While young people remain the most pro-European generation, European politicians should be mindful of their responsibility to offer positive visions for the future. The European Union needs to be reinvented, injected with fresh ideas and visions, to transform itself into an entity that young people want to engage with.

Youth priorities in these elections - Our 10 Policy Platform ideas 

Change is Coming


Vote Comparator Tool

What do European political parties stand for on the issues your care about? As part of the #ChangeIsComing campaign, we aim to provide quality information to young people via an online tool that allows voters to get familiar with different positions and policies.

The Vote Comparator allows you to compare two parties’ positions on a range of topics, from on sustainable development, and jobs, to social rights and digitalisation. 

Try it out here!

Contact us should you be interested in embedding this tool on your organisation's website.


"Change is Coming!" Roadshow

From the 18th March to 5th April, the European Youth Forum will be travelling across Europe in a campaign bus, bringing European politics to the local level. The Roadshow will not only act as a focal point for debates, interviews and broadcasts with decision-makers, but will provide campaign training to local young people to give them the tools to multiply the message of the 2019 European Elections and get out the youth vote.

As part of our roadshow, we will be collecting Voxpop messages of hundreds of young people, which will be broadcast on a large screen outside the European Parliament in Brussels during the European Youth Week.

Roadshow calendar:

  • 19 March, Amiens, France
  • 22 March, Barcelona, Spain
  • 25 March, Rome, Italy
  • 27 March, Maribor, Slovenia
  • 30 March, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • 2 April, Krakow, Poland
  • 5 April, Berlin, Germany
  • 13 April, Brussels, Belgium
  • 29-30 April, Yo!Fest Brussels

Are you a local in one of these cities? Come and meet us and join campaigning workshops and elections debates! More information will be available soon.


Youth Days with leading candidates

To ensure that issues that are important to young people play a key role in the European elections discourse in 2019, we are working with the main European political parties and their leading candidates for European Commission’s Presidency to focus one event in the EP2019 campaign trail on young people.

These days will be key moments for young people to challenge leading candidates on their visions for the Future of Europe and to find out what they have to say on the issues important to us.

Our events will be open to all young people, you will be able to register to attend them through a form shared here and on social media. You can also watch them via Facebook live-streaming and pose your questions to the candidates online.


Televised Maastricht Debate

Together with Politico, Youtube and the University of Maastricht, the European Youth Forum is one of the organisers of a televised debate between leading candidates for European Commission’s Presidency on 29th April at 19:00 CET to engage European citizens, particularly young people, in the discussion about the future direction of the EU. The candidates will be debating their view and positions on three themes. The themes include Digital Europe, the Future of Europe and Sustainable Development. 

The debate will be live-streamed by Politico Europe and YouTube, so we encourage you to watch it with your friends and engage with it online!


Debate-watching parties across Europe

To bring the European debate to every corner of Europe, we encourage and will support those interested to host debate-watching parties and debate-related events across Europe, bringing together local universities, European Parliament and European Commission information offices, National Youth Councils and local media and social media partners. 

Check out our debate-watching party guide here!

Debate-watching party guide front cover

We will be organising our own Debate Watching Party right on the doorstep of the European Parliament in Brussels, and, in partnership with major European media outlets, will be a space to bring in youth perspectives and others’ reactions to the debate. We invite all of you who have the chance to be in Brussels on 29 April to join us for an evening of European excitement!


Yo!Fest 2019

Our flagship youth festival is making a comeback in 2019! It will take place on 30 April in Brussels, on the Esplanade of the European Parliament. Come and join a variety of workshops, debates and open air activities! More information will follow soon.

Need to get in touch?

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