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The European Youth Forum is a regional platform. We have developed and maintain relations with different actors across the world, in order to strengthen youth civil society, ensure the development of all young people, and increase intercultural understanding. Youth Rights that are protected across the world is what we want to achieve!
We are an active member of the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations (ICMYO), which gathers 30 global organisations and regional platforms.

For 2013-2014, we are working primarily with:

  • Latin America, especially through the Euro-Latin American and Caribbean Youth Forum process and cooperation with the Latin American Youth Forum (FLAJ);
  • Africa, especially via the Africa Europe Youth Platform;
  • Arab region, via different activities with partners from the region, such as the Euro Arab Youth Forum.

We have standing relations with different other youth organisations, such as the Pan African Youth Union, the All China Youth Federation, the Network of International Youth Organisations in Africa, or the Latin American Youth Forum.


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