Coming up: Elections at General Assembly 2018

23. 07. 2018

Elections are an essential part of the European Youth Forum democratic life. 

Every two years, the European Youth Forum as the largest platform of youth organisations in Europe elects its political representatives. They are the voice of young people in Europe and take the responsibility to lead the European Youth Forum as delegated by the General Assembly. 

In November 2018, the Member Organisations will elect and appoint the members of the following statutory bodies: 

  • The Board (11), including a President and two Vice-Presidents
  • The Financial Control Commission (4)
  • The Consultative Body on Membership Applications (4)

Candidates are nominated by a Member Organisation and will have the opportunity to debate about their vision for the platform ahead of the General Assembly. The election process shall be open, democratic and transparent, following the rules that have been established.

It is important we hold ourselves up to a high ethical standard and as a representative organisation, really deserve to be the voice of young people in Europe. The Code of Conduct of the European Youth Forum will be in force for the whole elections and campaigning process. Any complaints on violation of the Code of Conduct will be treated confidentially.  

The European Youth Forum is an inspirational platform and I hope for high interest to run in the elections. I do encourage us collectively to make sure these elections will represent also the diversity of the platform as well as diversity of opinions and young people. Because it is in this diversity where we find our strength. 

Find here all necessary information regarding the elections.

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