Cyprus: Young people lead the way to a world where peace prevails

28. 03. 2017

Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots have lived in a divided country since 1974... Today young people again lead the way to a world where peace and freedom will prevail.

Several international and European Party Political Youth Organisations met in Cyprus highlighting how important this issue is. Together with them, we express our hope for the resumption of the negotiations and our common support for the achievement of a peace plan and fair reunification soon.

Signed by 

DEMYC       Democrat Youth Community of Europe    

EDS               European Democrat Students

EFAy             European Free Alliance Youth

FYEG            Federation of Young European Greens                

LYMEC        European Liberal Youth                    

IFLRY          International Federation of Liberal Youth    

IUSY             International Union of Socialist Youth  

IYDU            International Young Democrat Union  

JEF                Young European Federalists  

YDE              Young Democrats for Europe  

YEPP            Youth of the European People’s Party                                 

YES               Young European Socialists

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