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Board Elections 2022

The Board defines the overall strategy of the European Youth Forum. Board Members are democratically elected every 2 years at our General Assembly.

Presidential Candidates

María Rodríguez Alcázar

nominated by CJE

Our generation deserves strong and vibrant voices that fight for their rights. After 12 years in leadership positions at the local, regional, national, and European level, I feel prepared, motivated, and empowered to take up the challenge of chairing the largest youth-led platform in the world. The transformative power of youth organisations has raised me to be a self-aware, confident, critical, bold, and strategic-minded human, being mindful and caring about the world around me. I will put all my energy and skills into our Platform, deeply believing in our potential to improve the lives of young people. It’s #OurMOment!

Tom Matthew

nominated by BYC

I am running to be European Youth Forum President to (1) re-build our community and improve governance so we better represent and empower our membership, and (2) to increase funding for youth organisations and strengthen our fight for democracy and civic space so we have safe and sustainable conditions to fight for youth rights.
I’ve volunteered in youth organisation since I was thirteen. They changed me, and they can change the world. Young people – and all generations – need youth organisations’ power unleashed. We exist to unite and represent youth organisations; we have a responsibility to unleash that power.
Let’s go.

Vice-Presidential Candidates

International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation (INGYO)

Elias Dray

nominated by EUJS

I fundamentally believe in every young person’s ability to create a better world. Our responsibility to take action is immense. Being a member of many youth organisations, I have witnessed young people’s unwavering will to fight for a message, a vision, a better future. And to make it now, because #WeAreThePresent! Youth organisations made me a leader, taught me passion and equipped me with the confidence to bring change. My experiences I will contribute to the fullest in making the Youth Forum the loudest, boldest and most recognised voice representing #Youth.

National Youth Council (NYC)

Christiana Xenofontos

nominated by CYC

Youth participation has always lied in my heart and has truly shaped who I am. Thus, my main drive and motivation to run for the position of the Vice-President is my belief that as young people we can overcome every challenge by actively participating in every aspect of our social and political life.
I’ve started my journey in the youth eco-system as a volunteer and continued as a Youth Policy Officer, and then as the Vice President A’ of the Cyprus Youth Council. I‘ve been an elected member of the CBMA, something that gave me an in-depth perspective of how the Membership of the YFJ works, and how me, as a later Board Member of the YFJ would be able to further engage and support it. As young people, we are not merely the future as they like to call us; we are the present. Now, more than ever, that our financial, mental and work-life stability have been affected, it is the time to be in the front-line of every decision-making process. And together is the only way to achieve it.

Board Candidates

International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation (INGYO)

Daniele Taurino

nominated by EBCO-BEOC

For the last five years I have been a delegate for the European Bureau for Conscientious Objection empowering the dialogue with youth organisations in Europe on issues of peace, nonviolence and sustainability and gaining a deep knowledge of YFJ’s structures and processes. Now I feel that it's time to put all of that at the service of the largest platform of youth organizations in the world. For this reason, I decided to step up and run for the YFJ Board. I would like to have the chance to empower the agency of the YFJ’s Board and MOs and young people in building more nonviolent, inclusive and participatory democracies.

Ismael Paez Civico

nominated by YEU

After seven years being involved from a local all the way to an international level in the youth sector, I would like to offer my time and energy to represent young people on the Board of the European Youth Forum. Having my experience, knowledge and competences would be a great asset to contribute, together with other Board members, for the policy changes we would like to see from policymakers to improve the lives and prospects of young people from across Europe. People have demonstrated trust towards me in my previous and current voluntary and employed positions in civil society organisations and European agencies I’ve been involved in, I ask you now to support me with your vote and help me make the voices of young people even louder, clearer and more impactful as a crucial part of our democracy.

Natalia Kallio

nominated by IGLYO

I am Natalia Kallio, an author and international human rights trainer. I am a creative, empathic and innovative change maker. My books and my work as a human rights trainer are my political weapons to create social change. I have worked with a variety of topics like class, LGBTQI+ - rights, inclusion, feminism, peace & conflict.
My main motivation to run for the board of European Youth Forum is to be part of building a more inclusive, equal and diverse future in order to create peaceful societies for the youths of Europe and beyond.

Rareș Voicu

nominated by OBESSU

I have been a part of the youth movement for over 5 years, working at a range of levels - from the local level and national level, as a student representative, to the international level, as a Board Member of OBESSU.
In my candidacy for the YFJ, my motto is "Nothing about young people, without young people!", as I believe that we should have a central role in all decision-making processes. I also believe in a membership-centered approach, where our members are at the core of the organisation, steering the platform and being constantly consulted.
I would love to discuss my priorities with you and find out what YOU want the Youth Forum to be. Get in touch with me and let's start chatting!

National Youth Council (NYC)

Andreea-Alexandra Scrioșteanu

nominated by CTR

Europe is in crisis. Are young people a priority?
For the past 6 years, “learning by doing” has been comprising my educational and volunteering backgrounds, as a children’s rights activist and youth representative, showcasing my continuous learning path.
Having access to opportunities, employment perspectives, social security, mental health services and a flourishing democracy, regardless of their country, is imperative to young people.
Altogether, I envision a European Youth Forum where our Member Organisations will truly be the driving force. Together we have to be BOLD in our proposals, DETERMINED in our actions and SMART in our strategy.
Let's discuss more!

Mark McNulty

nominated by NYCI

I am running to transform the relationship between the Youth Forum and its Member Organisations. We must prioritise developing a culture which is based on trust and mutual respect between the Board and MOs. I will work tirelessly to create a collaborative culture within the Youth Forum which gives all MOs a strong voice both within and through the Youth Forum. Having spent the last five years advocating for young people across Ireland and the EU, I am running because I believe together we can ensure that the Youth Forum continues to be Europe's strongest platform advocating for young people.

Nicholas Kujala

nominated by Allianssi

During the past 13 years I’ve strived to make my own community, country and the world a better place. Starting from the grassroots, giving young people a voice, I’ve worked hard to make an impact and build a better future. I want to strengthen our member organizations, look after our democracy and make sure no human ever has to face discrimination. These are the keys to building the new foundations of a better Europe, a better world. That is why I want to be on the board of the European Youth Forum.

FCC Candidates

International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation (INGYO)

Siobhán Gallagher

nominated by RYE

I have been a delegate for the past two years at the YFJ’s Council of Members and General Assemblies and I feel that now is the right time to run for a position of the Financial Control Commission. Professionally I am a European Financial Advisor with compliance qualifications and over 15 years’ experience in the financial services sector in Ireland which I feel will complement the work of the FCC. I am motivated to run for the role to support and advise the board, the COMEM & GA. If elected I will be available to the Member Organisations for a better understanding of finances as well as seeking out new funding opportunities & resources for the YFJ which in turn support you, the Member Organisations.

National Youth Council (NYC)

Marko Petrovic

nominated by KOMS

I am a passionate youth activist from Belgrade, Serbia, currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Organisation and Management Consulting. I have experience in managing and monitoring the performance of various youth organisations at different levels and from the very beginning of my engagement in the youth sector, European Youth Forum has caught my attention as an organisation who has done and keeps on doing amazing things for the improvement of the position of young people in Europe. That is why I now have a desire to dedicate my time, skills, knowledge and expertise to contributing to its work as a Member of the Financial Control Commission.

CBMA Candidates

International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation (INGYO)

Caillum Hedderman

nominated by WOSM

Hey there! My name is Caillum, I am 20 years old and from the beautiful country of Ireland. I joined my local scout group at the age of eight and now I represent our movement at the a European level. I have a sustained passion for youth rights and hope to ensure that through the CBMA I can play a part in ensuring the highest quality of membership to the European Youth Forum. Please feel free to reach out to me!

Daniela Ordowski

nominated by MIJARC Europe

Democracy must have a framework, needs a firm foundation and, above all, must be lived. In recent years, I have been able to work in the CBMA on intensive cases, learn a lot and become more and more familiar with the membership criteria. I am very excited to get to know the organisations on the basis of these criteria, to talk to each other and get to know the motivation behind every membership application.

National Youth Council (NYC)

Freja Ellefsen

nominated by LNU

Hey! I am Freja, a 23 years old Norwegian.

In short, I am a child and youth advocate with thorough experience with both YFJ pillars. My background is in youth participation, advocacy and policy, as a former UN Youth Delegate on Sustainability and EU policy and advocacy officer for a global child rights organisation.

CBMA works directly with the core and foundation of YFJ: its members, future and present. I hope to be able to support these members, fairly and thoroughly, for the next two years.

Simona Dimitrova

nominated by NYF

Simona Dimitrova was the president of the National Youth Forum in 2019-2021. She holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations and a master's degree in Diplomacy and Strategic Analysis. She is a member of the International Relations Research Student Association of University of National and World Economy. From 2019 to 2022 she was President of the National Working Group of the EU Youth Dialogue to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In 2021 - 2022, she coordinated the "25 Percent" project in Bulgaria. She worked at the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, as an associate in Public Relations and Cooperation. Her motivation behind her application for CBMA was provoked by her expertise and experience in youth and international politics. She strongly believes that the current times suggest greater dialogue, cooperation and participation of young people in the politics of national and European institutions.