Elections at Online General Assembly 2020

Every two years we call for a group of talented young people to run for elected positions, renewing and reinvigorating that democratic mandate. 

Now, it's time for us to make this call again. 

For those elected, you will be the voice of young people in Europe (and beyond). You will join the permanent team in Brussels to learn, engage and create change.

This November at the online General Assembly, the Youth Forum’s full Members will elect and appoint people to the following statutory bodies: 

  • Board, 2 Vice-Presidents, 1 President -  11 people total
  • Financial Control Commission -  4 people total
  • Consultative Body on Membership Applications -  4 people total

Candidates must be nominated by at least 1 Member Organisation to run. The election process will be open, democratic and follow our code of conduct.

There will be several spaces for candidates ahead of the Online General Assembly to engage.

Timeline for the election process

The elections timeline:

10 September - Webinar with interested candidates

11 September - Applications open

06 October - Applications close

21 October - Extended deadline in the case that gender balance is not reached

29 October - Information session with declared candidates

04 November - Online presentation of candidates for the Board, Vice-Presidents and President

20 November - Debate of candidates for the Board, Vice-Presidents and President

20-22 November - Online General Assembly 


About the candidates!

Please find the final list of candidates here.

Who are the candidates running in the 2020 elections? Find out more about the candidates running for:

- President and Vice-President

- Board Members (INGYO)

- Board Members (NYC)

- Financial Control Commission - FCC


Attending the General Assembly

If nominated candidates wish to attend all the sessions of the General Assembly, they will need to register as part of the delegation of the Member Organisation (as an official or extra delegate).

Otherwise, all candidates have automatic access only the Online General Assembly sessions related to elections (i.e presentation of candidates or debates). For registration of delegates, please visit the following link: https://database.youthforum.org/public/event-details/event/892 

Transparent and fair elections

Transparent and fair democratic elections are at the heart of the European Youth Forum. As such, we are working to ensure that all information communicated by our platform remains impartial and that all candidates receive equal visibility and treatment. This means that from now until the elections we will not share any candidate’s personal posts or output via official Youth Forum channels, regardless if this output is by currently elected individuals or any other candidate running. Thank you for your understanding and good luck to all!

Who can I contact?

For any question on the election process please contact the Youth Forum Secretary-General joe.elborn@youthforum.org

Besides the procedural requirements for the elections, the Secretariat shall remain a constant contact point for information. It will also organise the following several online information sessions and presentations with the candidates. For more information and key dates please consult the call for nominations, available for download here.

The video recording of the first information session describing the responsibilities and expectations of the different roles is available here (https://youthforum.clickmeeting.com/webinar-recording/rZ8402231 )

Need to get in touch?

General phone line: +32 2 793 75 20
fax: +32 2 893 25 80
e-mail: youthforum@youthforum.org
Rue de l’Industrie, 10
1000 Brussels

More information here.