Empowering Macedonian youth

25. 10. 2013

The European Youth Forum’s longtime goal of bringing together youth organisations in Macedonia continues in the coming days. Together with member organisations of the Macedonian Youth Council (NMS), the Forum will conduct a targeted sustainability training in Kavadarci from the 25th to 29th October. It is designed to follow up on the first six months of the NMS’s existence in order to tackle any sustainability challenges.

The event is forward-looking: During the training, participants will evaluate NMS’s first half-yeardefine the organisation’s mission, vision and values and develop a strategic vision based on its capacities and the specific circumstances to Macedonia. The results will help NMS identify strategic priorities and develop an action plan, which will be based on a needs assessment combined with a review of actual available resources.

Also on the agenda is a presentation by the Croatian Youth Council (MMH) on how youth organisations can use strategic planning when they develop youth policy. Since 2011, the Forum has supported the establishment process of NMS and monitored Macedonian national issues. We are happy to empower Macedonian youth and equip them with the necessary tools to effectively communicate their vision to the greater society.

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