Erasmus+ for all - The European Youth Forum stands behind Swiss youth!

13. 06. 2017

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus programme, the European Youth Forum recalls its support to the Swiss National Youth Council (CSAJ/SAJV) calling the Swiss Government to restart negotiations with the European Union to ensure full participation of Switzerland to the Erasmus+ Programme.

Swiss access to the programme has been put on hold since 9th February 2014, when Swiss cast their ballot for a referendum limiting freedom of movement. At that time, the European Youth Forum and its Member Organisations had already expressed their support for the youth in Switzerland. Since then, it has been extremely challenging for Swiss young students, apprentices and professionals to experience the benefits of European mobility. We stand by our claims: “Mobility and intercultural exchanges are key elements of our present and future world. Exchanges help promote the core values of a peaceful Europe and respect for others citizens.” Open letter “Do not fight at the expenses of young people” - February 2014 We call on everyone to support young people in Switzerland by signing this petition calling for the Swiss government to restart negotiations with the European Union.

Let’s ensure that Erasmus is an opportunity for all Europeans.

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