European Youth Capital winner - Amiens 2020

WELCOME to Amiens, France 

With a cultural events programme combining music, cinema and theatre festivals, some of which happen in the streets, Amiens fully deserves its place as European Youth Capital! 

Although it is a historical city with the Cathedrale Notre Dame, classified by UNESCO (the 800th anniversary in 2020) there is also a wonderful youth dynamic in Amiens thanks to the university “La Citadelle”, which is located in the centre of the town.


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Amiens as European Youth Capital 

Amiens EYC 2020 is Amiens For Youth. This name wraps up policies about Youth from the local to the European level. The aim is to create the best friendly and innovative spaces in Amiens for young people. Amiens 2020 wants young people at the centre of decision-making processes in all areas and levels. Amiens For Youth wants to be a facilitator for youth and all partners involved in the youth field, like economic, cultural and social stakeholders, in order to implement projects. European Youth Capital year is an opportunity to improve youth participation at any level of local or European policies, including them in the reflections about Amiens’ daily society and policies.

Amiens For Youth wants to make the city a laboratory of experimentation about innovative Youth policies. It wants to increase rates of employment in Amiens working with several actors in different fields and improve and provide a better access to rights and fighting discrimination. 

Amiens is planning a number of exciting activities, including: 'Pass your driving license' an initiative that offers a financial contribution of €600 to a young person in exchange for 60 hours of volunteer work in NGOs; 18/20 where Amiens For Youth meets with youth every month, between 6 pm and 8.p. in the bars they go to. These informal discussions while enjoying soft drinks, nurture reflection on Youth policy by youth themselves; Coffee Break where Amiens For Youth propose free English conversation sessions with English speakers to learn English while having fun and a number of other outstanding activities to come! 

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