European Youth Capital winner - Braga 2012

WELCOME to Braga, Portugal

A city and a municipality in the northwestern Portuguese district of Braga, in the historical and cultural Minho Province. 

Braga is a city that believes in young people and since 1998 is seen as a Youth Friendly City. The United Nations held the 3rd World Youth Forum in the City of Braga and from that moment Braga become a reference about Youth Policy with the UN Braga 21 Youth Action Plan.

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Braga as European Youth Capital 

Braga EYC 2012 Programme was defined around “Follow Youth” Concept. The Concept was co-designed and co-created in close cooperation with Braga’s Youth Sector and Local Youth Council. Several Thematic Areas were defined as a consequence of a co-construction process created Projects proposals from the Youth Sector.

For instance YWORLD was intended that participants could improve their knowledge about the different youth realities on the 5 continents. Young people discussed the importance of tools that enable governance in a democracy, promoting respect, freedoms and guarantees based on social democratic principles and values such as solidarity, integration, cooperation and participation. 

ATCAMPUS promoted exchanges with European universities and establish criteria to prioritise access for those with greater financial difficulties, who otherwise could not participate in the Erasmus programme. 

YOUTH THINK TANK promoted discussion and awareness of issues such as Participation and Citizenship, Youth and the World, Creativity, Culture and Innovation, Education and Training, Employment and Entrepreneurship, the Environment and Sustainable Development, Equality and Social Inclusion and Health & Wellness. 

YOUTH CITY MAKERS- bringing together young people to political life by providing means of participation in all the organs of sovereignty through e-democracy tools, so that young people can continuously access their routines, discussions, reflections, and always be able to give their contributions and interact with others. Juts to name a few programmes that have been carried out.  

Recently the city of Braga was nominated as Braga 2016 as Ibero-American Youth Capital by OIJ, an Intergovernmental organisation with Latin America, Caribbean and Portugal and Spain. The City is also involved in the definition of Youth Friendly Policies.

The City of Braga is the Coordinator and Lead partner of this Erasmus+ KA2 Project.  The starting point for this project was to reflect on Youth Policies and map them in general to understand the general practices in Europe regarding the development of policies for the youngsters.

In result of this reflection the core model of 100% Youth City raised a natural process of reforms to give possibility and opportunity for young people to be involved in the management of their cities. You can find more information here:

Braga, European Youth Capital 2012, one of the biggest legacies as well are Urban Regeneration and Youth Centre, GNRation – and youth participatory budgeting put in place (TU DECIDES):


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