European Youth Capital winner - Cascais 2018

WELCOME to Cascais, Portugal

Situated in the suburbs of Lisbon, Cascais is Portugal’s 6th most populous municipality with 206,455 inhabitants, of which around 40% are under 35 years old.

Being a famous vacation spot for the Portuguese and foreigners who seek to enjoy its beaches, good food, warm weather and hospitable people, Cascais also offers an interesting and dynamic environment for young people: it is close to business centers, mobility is easy, infrastructures are accessible, it is close to the capital but with its own life. The 2 existing universities attract youth from other parts of the country, and a new campus is now being planned. Besides all the natural wealth, heritage and artistic and cultural events, Cascais has throughout its region a large set of infrastructures, public spaces, parks and squares that already host a variety of activities for youth all around the year. 

In Cascais young people can find: a Municipal Council for Youth Policy, a specific Youth department in the Town Hall, as well as departments working towards employability and social inclusion; 38 active youth associations; a network of 4 youth information centers; hundreds of sports organizations and infrastructures; a youth dedicated web portal; a radio and television network inside high schools; DNA Cascais – giving support in the field of entrepreneurship and Espaço S – supporting youth in health and sexuality.

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Cascais as European Youth Capital

Cascais’ Vision for 2018 is to combine global and local dimensions, towards the process of social transformation, under the theme “Glocal Youth”.

Cascais views the EYC as an opportunity to share and exchange existing good practices between the local and international level, thus contributing to a more cohesive Europe, inclusive of its local/regional diversities.

Cascais wants to create new opportunities for empowerment towards the practice of a global citizenship, active at local level but aware and incorporating the complexity of the global dimension.

Cascais believes that this generation can only be fully engaged in the access to rights – and youth rights in particular – if it is aware of the importance of an intergenerational dialogue with a long-term vision of the world.

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