All over the world, black lives matter

04. 06. 2020

Following another act of systemic racism and police brutality in the United States of America, large protests have been met with extreme violence. The European Youth Forum stands firmly against any form of racism, in solidarity with peaceful civil rights protesters and against any form of violent response.

The legitimate frustration and anger that has brought people to the streets across the USA has resonated with people around the world. Deeply rooted racial discrimination continues to be felt by young generations everywhere, causing pain, inequality and injustice in all aspects of life. The response across Europe echoes this strong and urgent need for real change that tackles and eradicates all incidences of racism, not just in the USA but everywhere.

These voices calling for social justice must be heard and not answered with police and military. Our democracies must provide space and opportunity for youth organisations to directly participate and ensure that young voices are part of these necessary conversations. As activists for a better world, young generations will continue to stand up for change and contribute to a world where “normal” does not mean violence and injustice, but where “normal” means dialogue, human rights and solidarity. 

We know that young voices are powerful, but even more so when we stand together. By allying ourselves worldwide with those who suffer from the systemic racism that continues to plague our societies, we are saying loud and clear that we must all take on responsibility. We all must recognise our own role in building a better, fairer world, in our local communities, in our democracies and in our day to day lives. 

The European Youth Forum will continue to fight against racism and all forms of discrimination in our work to foster peaceful inter-cultural dialogue, protect and promote human rights and to support civic actions. 



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