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The Future of Europe

The European project depends on the ideas, ambition and determination of young people.

The European Youth Forum believes that the European project is the only viable path for a sustainable, social, prosperous and democratic Europe - for the people and for our planet. However, as young people and the most pro-European generation, we reject the current reality where political decisions alienate and exclude us from society. We are not being given the tools and means to fully unleash our potential. The European Union must come closer to its citizens.

The only direction to take is the one where young people are included in its decisions and at the centre of its policies. For the Future of Europe, we need to listen to the voices of young people.


Look at Youth!

08. 05. 2019
Tomorrow, on 9 May, European Union leaders will gather in Sibiu, Romania for the so-called Sibiu Summit, supposed to discuss the future of our Union. On behalf of tens of millions of young people from all over Europe, the European Youth Forum would like to remind the following to the European Commission and the Heads of State and Government across Europe.

The Future of Work and Youth

The world of work is changing, shaped by four global megatrends: globalisation, climate change, demographic changes, and technological advancements. Each megatrend brings its own unique challenges for young people and the future of work, as well as some opportunities. With the potential of these megatrends to shape the type of work that is required, the type of work that is available, and who undertakes it and how, there is a need to reflect on the role and value of work in society and in people’s lives.

The future of work we want!

04. 03. 2019
an’t always predict the future. But we can shape the future of work we want! The European Youth Forum’s new report being launched today, The Future of Work and Youth, responds to these challenges, putting forward solutions to on how to rethink ‘work’ in our society and on how to design a new labour market that works for everyone. 

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