The future of work we want!

04. 03. 2019

We can’t always predict the future. But we can shape the future of work we want! 

We’re living in an increasingly globalised world, with new advancements in technology shaping our lives everyday. With the ageing population in Europe and the increasing threat of climate change on the horizon, how can we ensure that the jobs of the future will:

  • match young people’s skillset?
  • provide social protection?
  • safeguard worker's rights and wellbeing?
  • contribute to a greener economy?
  • give equal opportunities to all?

The European Youth Forum’s new report being launched today, The Future of Work and Youth, responds to these challenges, putting forward solutions on how to rethink ‘work’ in our society and on how to design a new labour market that works for everyone. 


Front cover of the "future of work and youth" report


As the world is changing, we need to start reflecting on how the nature of the job market is being affected. Young people have been at the forefront of this change, often coming at the expense of their rights and quality of life. 44% of young people in the EU are in temporary forms of work, youth unemployment is still double the European average and doing internships, apprenticeships and unpaid work have become almost obligatory pathways to secure employment. 

One thing is clear: we must move past the same old mantra of “any job is better than no job”.  To place the needs of people and planet above profit, we need to shape a labour market that will respond to and meet the challenges we face now and in the future.

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