Governance structure

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The Board defines the overall strategy of the Forum in accordance with the guidelines given by the member organisations at the General Assembly or the Council of Members. They oversee the implementation of the Work Plan. The Board is responsible for finances and budgetary matters. They prepare the statutory meetings. The Board ensures the external representation of the Forum. They are the main contact with and between the member organisations.

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The Secretariat is the permanent structure of the Forum. It is composed of employees under the supervision of the Secretary-General. The Secretary-General is accountable for the Secretariat to the Board and the General Assembly.

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Financial Control Commission (FCC)

The Financial Control Commission is responsible for the internal audit of the finances of the Youth Forum. It shall act in advisory capacity to the Board, Council of Members and the General Assembly on the allocation of existing resources in line with the strategic priorities and the work plan, as well as the identification of new resources. It will present a written report to the Council of Members and to the General Assembly with regard to the annual budget and to the accounts of the Forum

The members of the FCC for 2021-2022 are: Sarah Canavan, Simon Devos-Chernova, Samedin Rovcanin, Pia Winstén


Consultative Body on Membership Applications (CBMA)

The Consultative Body on Membership Applications reviews the complete applications of potential members and presents a motivated report on the membership applications to the Board. Additionally, the Consultative Body on Membership Applications can be addressed by existing members or take initiative in relation to both proposed as well as adopted changes relevant to their membership status, such as changes of statutes and/or legal status.

The members of the CMBA for 2021-2022 are: Adam Smuga, Alessandro Scelfo and Daniela Ordowski

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