Hello, this is a safe space. International #YouthDay 2018

01. 12. 2017

Hello friends - this is a safe space.

On Sunday, we are celebrating the International Youth Day 2018.

All over the world, youth are using 12 August to raise their voices. The 2018 focus is on Safe Spaces for Youth. Trouble is: safe space is a basic need that we cannot take for granted.

We need safe spaces where we can come together, engage in activities related to our diverse needs and interests, participate in decision making processes and freely express ourselves. As our Youth Progress Index shows this basic need is crucial for young people’s full enjoyment of their rights. It is essential for wellbeing to feel safe.

The Index also shows that safe spaces for youth are in danger. Especially online spaces. Social media is increasingly being misused to promote hate and harassment. This needs to stop. We need to ensure safe online spaces, and we can start with speaking up and securing our respective spaces on social media. 

  • Make it free from hate and discrimination.
  • Make it inclusive. 
  • Make it safe. 

What can I do? Be a Safe Space Youth Ambassador!

Add our Facebook frame. Read our  tutorial

Add social media visuals to your social media accounts. But... remember to add why you added it. Everything in this email is safe to use!

Follow the campaign & join the conversation with hashtags #YouthDay and #SafeSpaces4Youth

Make sure to spread the word about the International Youth Day 2018 and how to be a Safe Space Youth Ambassador. Our aim is to have as many Ambassadors as possible!

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