Luxembourg Presidency hosts event focused on early school leaving

15. 07. 2015

Last week, the Luxembourg Presidency of the EU Council along with 200 formal and informal education experts met in Belval (south of Luxembourg) to address the problem of early school leaving (ESL) in a symposium entitled “Staying on track – tackling early school leaving and promoting success in school.”

This event included six panels, which focused on everything from developing national strategies to effectively tackle ESL, embracing diversity in schools and building relationships between school, family and community. Following these panels, an exchange of views took place. Márcio Barcelos, a European Youth Forum Board Member, spoke about the importance of involving young people in discussions on academic success.

The Luxembourg Presidency says, based on the ideas and recommendations that came from this conference, it plans to propose conclusions that will be submitted for the approval of the ministers during a Council meeting in November.

To read more on this event, click here.

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