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04. 07. 2017

The European Youth Forum’s Expert Group on Membership, Diversity and Inclusion met in Brussels, on Saturday 24th June and Sunday 25th June. The Expert Group brings together 8 representatives from the Youth Forum’s Member Organisations and also from the European Network on Independent Living. The meeting aimed to support Youth Forum members in improving inclusiveness and diversity in their organisations.

The Expert Group worked on making the voices of even more young people heard by trying to connect with more diverse organisations and help potential and current members to enhance their inclusiveness. In order to become more representative and reflect the diversity of youth, the European Youth Forum, as well as its members should address the specific issues faced by all young people in all aspects of its work.

The Expert Group developed an action plan around three main angles:

  • Engagement, by developing tools to enhance synergies between current Member Organisations and to foster their participation in the life of the platform;
  • Diversity & Inclusion, by developing guidelines to ensure that the European Youth Forum becomes more inclusive and diverse in all aspects of its work (access to events, participants to activities…);
  • Growth, by reaching to a wider range of youth organisations and ensuring that under represented groups of young people get their voices heard

The work of the Expert Group will continue until 2018.

For more information, contact Dejan Bojanic, Vice-President of the European Youth Forum, coordinating the work on diversity and inclusion.

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