Introducing the Pineapple Report

19. 02. 2019

Introducing the brand new Pineapple Report, commissioned by the European Youth Forum and funded by Google Inc.

Read the interactive report here!

Think about how the digital world influences our lives. Is the internet a free, open space? Who controls what we read, buy, see and watch online? What is our personal data being used for?

All around us, our societies, jobs, education and democracies are going digital. This transformation, or as some call it, the ‘fourth industrial revolution,’ impacts our lives in countless ways; both positively and negatively. As we navigate these changes, more must be done to make sure that young generations especially, will be protected and empowered to access rights, opportunities and tools needed to reach their potential as global citizens.  

Ready to take action? Our newly launched Pineapple Report puts forward a range of proposals on what policymakers, institutions and society at large can do.


The Pineapple Report is available to download in pdf below.

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