New year: new funding for youth organisations?

08. 01. 2015

A new year brings fresh ideas and, hopefully, inspiration for new projects. But times are still tough for many youth organisations and funding can be difficult to come by. The Youth Forum has developed a guide to support youth organisations to start exploring new EU funding opportunities and give practical tips on how to use them.

Young people’s issues are prominent in the EU’s funding programmes 2014-2020, but, for many youth organisations, it is not always easy to access these programmes. If youth organisations were to explore such EU funding possibilities it would support them to become more sustainable.

The Erasmus+ Programme is still the main funding source for youth organisations. However, there are new sources of funding available to youth organisations so that they can continue to offer quality activities and experiences to young people. These programmes often have higher funding ceilings, so the guide recommends that youth organisations seek out partners in other sectors to jointly develop projects and apply for funding.

It is not always easy to navigate the complicated world of EU funding schemes and so the Youth Forum developed this guide, which focuses on the most important EU programmes where we think there is the possibility for youth organisations to participate. It focuses on practical questions: a) type of actions eligible for funding; b) type and level of funding; c) who can apply and d) how to apply. For more information read the guide.

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