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Quality Charter on Internships & Apprenticeships


Internships and apprenticeships have become a rite of passage for many young people, facilitating the transition from studies to work. That's why it's essential to adopt a youth-centred approach that focuses on workers' rights, recognising young people's potential and valuing their contributions, and creating an inclusive environment. To do that we wrote this Quality Charter on Internships and Apprenticeships.

Who is the charter for?

  1. Policy-makers to implement better strategies and initiatives which are in-line with young people’s rights.
  2. Employers to facilitate the transition between education and the labour market, to offer the best possible placements to young people in order to capture and retain their talent and creativity, and to build diversity;
  3. Young people to better know their rights in the workplace.

What are the main quality criteria?

  1. transparent and unbiased recruitment process
  2. use of written agreement
  3. access to remuneration, social security protection, and redress mechanisms
  4. mentor with whom there is regular contact
  5. learning objectives match the educational curricula
  6. be recognised as valid work experience in future recruitment processes
  7. staff to intern ratio & break periods between hiring interns

Quality Charter on Internships & Apprenticeships

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Cláudia Pinto

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