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Research on volunteer-based youth work


The European Youth Forum, as a platform for more than 100 youth organisations, predominantly relies on volunteer-based youth work. To help understand and recognise the value of volunteer-based youth work, we conducted this research with nearly half of our member organisations.

About the research
The sample was made up of the International Youth Organisations (INGYOs), National Youth Councils (NYCs), national and local youth organisations and volunteer-based youth workers from 15 European countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Latvia, the Russian Federation, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland). The research participants were encouraged to reflect on the concept and value of volunteer-based youth work and to elaborate on how it has been implemented in practice, in terms of support systems, education, training and career prospects for volunteers in youth work.

Research on volunteer-based youth work

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