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Why we need to address polarisation if we want to tackle the climate crisis


This opinion piece represents the views of the authors and does not represent the views or position of the European Youth Forum, its Board or its Member Organisations.

The authors argue that society is becoming more divided and our views increasingly polarised. However, if we want to tackle big challenges such as the climate crisis, we need to work together. How can we overcome our differences and bring back nuanced dialogue and discussion? And why are we becoming so polarised in the first place?

In this opinion piece, the authors aim to answer these questions by taking a critical look at how our narratives and frames determine how we see the world as individuals, organisations and societies. The authors’ goal with this opinion piece is to create spaces for debate to work more collaboratively and effectively on issues we all care about and gather interested people to explore the topic of polarisation and possible ways to overcome it further.

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Verena Mitschke

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