Open letter to EU leaders

19. 06. 2019

Dear EU leaders,

Young people have shown the impact they can have when they make their voices heard. Now it’s your turn. Will you listen to our calls and step up to take action?

Europe is at a tipping point of no return. The coming five year period will determine the Future of Europe, and will require ambition and the political will for positive, sustainable change. We, the youth of Europe, both present and future, will live with the consequences of what you will decide today. To create a future that young people desire, a sustainable future, an inclusive future and a participatory future, you have to choose a European leadership that acts to achieve this vision.

Young people are at greatest risk of poverty and social exclusion in the European Union. We must not be let down again by failed social and economic policies.  When setting a new horizon for the Union, we need to champion social inclusion through the European Pillar of Social Rights, and crucially, build the Future of Europe through engaging with young people. European leadership that is ready and committed to involve young people as well as create and maintain a dialogue with organisations from the Youth sector, will be a leadership that will shift the “Old Continent” vision into one that protects and promotes the rights of present and future generations.

European citizens, and especially young people, have demanded that the EU becomes a world leader in the fight against climate change. Therefore, we are asking you to ensure that sustainability, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 203o, is at the core of all our priorities, starting now. This must be achieved in the appointment of the President of the European Commission, but also through the  adoption of the Strategic Agenda.

While nominating a candidate that can capably represent young people for President of the European Commission, we also ask that you champion a gender balanced College of Commissioners.

As President of the European Youth Forum, the platform of youth organisations in Europe bringing together tens of millions of young people from across Europe and on behalf of the youth of Europe, I ask that you do your best to ensure a youth-friendly leadership of the European Union to match the ambitions of the youth of our continent.


Yours sincerely,

Signature of Carina

Carina Autengruber


European Youth Forum

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