Open letter: On Europe Day we commit to build a stronger democracy

09. 05. 2020

To the attention of: 

President of the European Council - Charles Michel

President of the European Commission - Ursula von der Leyen

President of the European Parliament - David Sassoli 

Vice President of the European Commission - Dubravka Šuica

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel


Dear leaders, 

Today we celebrate Europe, a continent that rebuilt itself thanks to a strong cooperation after devastating wars, finding a joint way forward. 70 years ago our generation was not there to witness this important day in history but many young people and youth groups were already fighting for a united Europe. Today, having grown up with the benefits of our Union, we are the most pro-European generation. We are ready to uphold the European values, standing up for our democracies and life in peaceful and sustainable societies. 

Today we stand in solidarity in this difficult time, with a dedication, hope and vision for a swift and just recovery. A recovery that does not mean that we can return to the business as usual. A recovery that hears the voices of the ones that are left behind and a recovery that puts the wellbeing of our planet and our people first. Young people continue to experience a long lasting disadvantage as an aftermath of the previous crisis. The recovery plan this time cannot afford to overlook us. We have to enter the next 70 years of our Union with long term solutions that surpass the temporary crisis response. 

Today, writing on behalf of millions of young people and thousands of youth organisations, we want to commit to build the European project together with you and young people across Europe, from Lisbon to Rovaniemi. You have committed to have a grand Conference on the Future of Europe. Let's use it as a medium to define what Europe means to us and how we want to lead it. Giving a voice to young people in the Conference is imperative to the success of the EU. With decades-long experience of youth engagement that youth organisations have, we come to you to offer to engage a wide range of young people in building our Europe together through the Conference on the Future of Europe. Young people in and out of organisations, young people in and out of cities, young people in and out of work. Pro-European and those who have lost their trust in Europe. Young people from all walks of life. We are looking forward to engaging with you, all three EU institutions, to design a way how young people can meaningfully be part of this process. 

Let this Europe Day be a starting point for the next chapter of Europe, one that upholds the spirit of the day it united, one that upholds the rights of its citizens and the values that our generation stands so strongly for - democracy, equality, rule of law and human rights. 


Happy Europe Day!


The European Youth Forum 


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