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The voice of Europe’s youth

The European Youth Forum is 25 years old... and just getting started!

We are the voice of young people

25 percent of Europe’s population are young!

We bring these young voices to the heart of decision-making and stand up for youth rights in Europe and beyond.

We are democratic

Our ideas, policies and priorities come from the young people we represent.

We are led by 11 young representatives, elected by young people from all over Europe

We are powerful

We have over 100 member organisations in 41 countries who represent hundreds of youth organisations and millions of young people.

Our movement continues to grow!

Together we create change

For 25 years we have been making a difference to the lives of young people.

We believe in a better future for youth, where we can be empowered to shape our societies, reach our potential and build a fairer and sustainable planet.