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Youth participation

Today’s youth population is the largest ever! However, they are also the generation most likely to “opt-out” of conventional political processes. Turnout at elections is decreasing, and political parties struggle to recruit young members, meaning that young people are most at risk of exclusion from the political process.

On the other hand, young people are as politically active as ever and are at the forefront of many global movements and youth-led organisations. They engage politically in different, unconventional ways outside of the traditional political system.

How can we bridge this growing distance between young people and political institutions? We need all actors of society to work together to remove the barriers to participation. This includes better citizenship education, electoral reform and lowering the voting age, but also a complete rethink of how our democratic systems work.

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Safeguarding Civic Space for Young People in Europe

Over the years, we have, unfortunately, witnessed a crackdown against civil society, including youth organisations, in various European countries. This trend is continuing in 2020, with extremely worrying signs that the COVID-19 health crisis is being used to gain political control, putting many dimensions of civic space under threat. With our new study, Safeguarding Civic Space for Young People in Europe, the European Youth Forum aims to put the spotlight on challenges faced by youth organisations in Europe. 

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19. 07. 2019
Have you ever thought about what the lives of today’s young people look like? What would your life look like if you were attending high school, university, looking for a flat, an internship or your first job?

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