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Youth participation

We are part of the biggest youth population the world has ever seen! We are also politically active, engaged and often at the forefront of many global movements and youth-led organisations.

However, we are also the generation most likely to “opt-out” of conventional political processes. Voter turnout at elections is lowest among young people, and political parties struggle to recruit young members.

How can we bridge this growing distance between young people and political institutions? We need to make sure that all young people have access to their right to participate in democracy and this means removing barriers and creating equal opportunity. We can do this with better citizenship education, electoral reform and lowering the voting age.

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June2030, the game.

19. 07. 2019
Have you ever thought about what the lives of today’s young people look like? What would your life look like if you were attending high school, university, looking for a flat, an internship or your first job?

Debate-Watching Party Guidelines

The Maastricht Debate will be watched all over Europe. Why not get involved by joining in one of the many watch parties near you - or even organise your own! To bring the European debate to every corner of Europe, we encourage you to mobilise your own networks and organise events with your own local organisations, schools, universities, National Youth Council or even just your group of friends. Here are our ideas and guidelines to organising your own watch party.

European Youth to EU leaders: Invest in our present AND our future!

13. 12. 2018
The European Council, EU Heads of State and Government, meet in Brussels today. Among other things on their agenda is the EU’s budget for the next 7 years. The European Youth Forum calls on EU leaders to invest in youth and demonstrate a strong commitment to a fairer and more sustainable Europe.

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