Policy Corners

Engage and Exchange through Policy Corners

What are the Policy Corners?

Policy Corners are online spaces dedicated to Member Organisations for informal exchange and updates in the policy areas related to the work of the European Youth Forum.  

They are developed using the online platform Basecamp. Representatives of Member Organisations can join the Policy Corner of their interest and share content or questions related to a particular policy area.


Education, funding for youth organisations, future of work, sustainable development, the EU daily, United Nations update, volunteering, youth employment, youth policy, youth work development, youth peace and security

More information on the Policy Corner topics available here.


The Policy Corners are meant for representatives of Member Organisations, such as contact persons for the Youth Forum, secretariat members responsible for policy-making or anyone else from your organisation who is following the work of the Youth Forum and is motivated to share and exchange with others online.

Each organisation can nominate one or more representatives to each policy corner. 


  1. The Policy Corners are based on  Basecamp, an online collaboration tool.
  2. No applying, no deadline, no selection! You can join in, at any time. Just email ivana.davidovska@youthforum.org and let us know which policy corner you'd like to take part in.

  3. An invitation will be directly sent to your email. You will only need to follow the links to sign up to the Policy Corners of your choice. 


These are the the spaces for you to share practices, ideas, opinions, information on events, questions and other types of content relevant to the topics of the Policy Corners.

What the Policy Corners are not? - The Policy Corners are not meant to replace the mandates of the different working structures or serve as a tool for policy making and official consultation in the European Youth Forum.


We are here to support you in this process! Have a look at the user guidelines here, to get a better overview. For any further information please contact Ivana Davidovska, Membership and Capacity Building Officer: ivana.davidovska@youthforum.org

Need to get in touch?

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