Pool of Trainers - make your organisation grow!

Do you want to take your organisation to the next level?

Our Pool of Trainers (PoT) is composed with highly skilled and experienced young trainers with expertise in non-formal education, youth work and advocacy. 

What is the PoT?

The Pool of Trainers (PoT) is a resource tool for our member organisations and partners that provides educational, pedagogical and facilitation support. The PoT is composed of highly skilled and experienced young trainers coming mainly from our member organizations. They have the expertise in advocacy, youth policy development, non-formal education and youth work.

What can the PoT do for you?
  • Provide pedagogical support in developing, implementing and evaluating an activity programme.

  • Run skill-based and thematic training courses and workshops on topics related to youth.

  • Facilitate your seminars, conferences, trainings, meetings or evaluations.

  • Consult and provide expert input on training related issues, non-formal education and expertise on building up your Pool of Trainers.

  • Develop training tools and materials.

  • Provide you with expertise in a wide range of thematic areas from youth political engagement to social entrepreneurship and work with vulnerable groups.

The trainers are also experienced with Youth Forum training modules as well as quality concepts such as the Right Based Approach and Quality Assurance of Non Formal Education.

Inspiration for training modules

For some more concrete examples and proposals for training modules - read more here.

How can I get a PoT member for an activity?

PoT members are available to help you and your organisation to facilitate events and cater for your training needs!

If you need a trainer or facilitator send us an outline of the task, the conditions and a profile of the pedagogical expertise you need.

For more on the profiles of our trainers and the conditions please contact the Membership and Capacity Building Officer: ivana.davidovska@youthforum.org

What are the trainers' expertise?
  • Formal Education (higher education, school education, vocational education and training)

  • Validation and Recognition of Non Formal Education

  • Global and Intercultural Dialogue Education

  • Democratic and Human Rights Education

  • Youth Work Development

  • Social Inclusion

  • Migration and Refugees

  • Gender, Women, LGBTQI+ Rights

  • Advocacy and Networking (campaigning)

  • Organizational Developments (financial management, governance and strategic planning)

  • Management of International Youth Organization

  • Digital Youth Work

  • Youth Participation and Youth Policies

  • Employment (social protection, housing, welfare state)

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Volunteering (volunteer management, legal framework schemes, etc)

  • Peace Building and Dialogue

  • Environment & Climate change

  • Sustainable Development


The trainers have extensive experience in working with different stakeholders such as the European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe and United Nation Agencies. The PoT can support you in working with other stakeholders that are relevant in your work

Need to get in touch?

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fax: +32 2 893 25 80
e-mail: youthforum@youthforum.org
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