Position Paper on Structured Dialogue

European Youth Forum Position Paper
European Youth Forum
Publication Date
Sun, 04/22/2012 - 17:06

This paper sets out the position of the European Youth Forum regarding the further development of the structured dialogue process. The Forum advocates for:  

  • Youth involvement in deciding the overall priority of any future cycle of the structured dialogue.
  • A focus on one overall priority for any future cycle, looking at different aspects of this overall priority in each phase and working towards one, representative and meaningful outcome.
  • An emphasis on dialogue and the joint decision-making of young people and policymakers remain the focus of the process.
  • Setting up a European Working Group for future cycles.
  • The need for online visibility of the process in line with the recommendations of European Youth Week 2011.
  • That National Youth Councils remain the key youth stakeholders at national level.
  • National Working Groups become closely associated with the EU Youth Report, as the main reporting tool foreseen within the Open Method of Coordination.
  • The continuation of the structured dialogue process until at least the end of the EU Youth Strategy in 2018.
  • In the future the Structured Dialogue should develop into the main place at EU level where youth is co-managing youth affairs

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