Reaction to the Council Resolution on structured dialogue

European Youth Forum
Publication Date
Tue, 05/20/2014 - 17:06
From the outset of the structured dialogue, the European Youth Forum has been fully engaged in designing and coordinating the process. We have been heavily involved in making it a sustainable process ever since. We strongly believe in and defend the right of young people to participate in the development of policies that affect them and we believe that the structured dialogue process should be one of the ways to ensure that this right is effective. The Council Resolution on the overview of the structured dialogue process adopted on 20 May concludes 18 months of a vivid exchange on social inclusion between young people and decision-makers and is the third such Resolution on structured dialogue adopted by the Youth Ministers in the past five years. With this document, the Ministers in charge of Youth of the 28 EU Member States committed to improve EU Youth Policy, providing some limited answers to the challenge of young people’s social inclusion. Nevertheless, this limited commitment fails to answer young people’s expectations. Read our reaction

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