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Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Module

This workshop module is designed primarily as a resource for the Member Organisations of the European Youth Forum, to inspire and support them in tackling the topics of diversity and inclusion in their everyday work. It is built on the basis of the Diversity & Inclusion Guidelines, with the idea to assist organisations to reflect on the meanings and key aspects around the topics, and introduce the guidelines in their work.

Skip the cappuccino. Invest in youth.

19. 02. 2020
What if spending an additional €3 per month for every young person in the European Union could make a real difference in their lives?  Building on the EU 7 year budget proposal by the European Council, the European Youth Forum urges the Heads of the EU Member States to invest an extra €3 per month per young person living in the EU over the next 7 years, in addition to what is already on the table. 

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