#SeperatedbutUnited - acting in solidarity

The European Youth Forum’s strong network of youth organisations has always worked to empower young people beyond borders to be catalysts for positive change. In times of adversity and crisis, this network is more important than ever.

The impact of COVID-19 has undoubtedly had an adverse effect on the work and activities of youth organisations globally. However, in the past weeks, young people across Europe have been demonstrating that in spite of separation and social distancing measures, we can still show solidarity with one another and be united when it matters the most. 

From helping to promote important messages of staying safe, to supporting the most vulnerable in society and mobilising digital communities to ensure critical information is passed on, young people have been stepping up and taking action to support all corners of society.

With the #SeparatedbutUnited campaign, we want to showcase all the critical initiatives youth organisations and young people are taking in Europe and beyond. 

Help us spread the word on what your organisation is doing by:

  • using the hashtag #SeparatedbutUnited
  • tagging the European Youth Forum on social media.

Let’s keep supporting one another and spreading encouragement during these difficult times.

To get in touch with examples we can share or for more information, contact our Communications Officer, Hannah (hannah.grieve@youthform.org),


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