Shadow Report on the Mid-Term Evaluation of Erasmus + Youth Chapter

Shadow report
European Youth Forum
Publication Date
Mon, 11/06/2017 - 17:06

This document is the European Youth Forum Shadow Report on the mid-term evaluation of the Erasmus+ programme.

This European Youth Forum Shadow Report was commissioned with two specific intentions:

  • first, to supplement the mid-term evaluation of Erasmus+ with a range of perspectives it could not necessarily be expected to yield, given that it was intended as a general evaluation of the newly integrated programme as a whole, specifically those of youth organisation applicants, users and beneficiaries;

  • second, to inform a range of its advocacy messages with more solid evidence of how its membership and the wider youth organisation community experiences the Erasmus+ programme.

This document presents findings of research into issues both comparable with and distinct from those researched in the very comprehensive general evaluation commissioned by the European Commission, and conducted by ICF. In this sense it is not a ‘true’ shadow report. There was no ambition to check the accuracy of the mid-term evaluation, but rather to complement it with additional and more specific information on the perspectives of an important user group.

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