Statement on the Youth Employment Initiative in the revision of the MFF

09. 11. 2016

On behalf of over 100 youth organisations that represent millions of young people, the European Youth Forum calls on Member States to guarantee at least the 1 billion EUR for the Youth Employment Initiative proposed by the European Commission in the revision of the MFF.

The Youth Guarantee is beginning to have an impact on European youth as the recent European Commission report has highlighted. It would thus be a grave error to cut funding at this crucial point. Cutting the 1 billion EUR proposed by the Commission any further will seriously hinder the implementation of the Youth Guarantee, negatively impacting young people across Europe at a critical time.

We, therefore, ask Member States of the European Union to act on their promises to youth and ensure that the Youth Employment Initiative receives adequate funding. The Youth Guarantee has great potential to ensure young people have access to quality employment but this will only be possible if it is adequately financed.

For more information on our recommendations on the Youth Guarantee please see below.

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