Study visit with National Youth Forum - Bulgaria

15. 05. 2017

In view of Bulgaria’s upcoming Presidency of the EU during the first half of 2018, the European Youth Forum organised last week a study visit to the National Youth Forum - Bulgaria.

The Presidency should be an opportunity for the youth sector and the national youth council to shape European and national policies. It should enable them to grow as an organisation in terms of resources and partnerships, as well as to continue to build their capacity not only throughout the 6 months but also well into the future. It is crucial that within the Structured Dialogue and beyond young people in Bulgaria are empowered through the National Youth Forum to participate and make sure their voices are heard and can have an impact. Too often they lose belief in the political system, national economic perspectives and look for opportunities abroad.

Numerous meetings were held, including meetings with the Board of the National Youth Forum - Bulgaria, its Member Organisations, the Ministry on Youth and Sport and the Deputy Minister on Youth, Vanya Koleva, who was appointed 2 days before. The National Working Group of the Structured Dialogue also discussed the Presidency and its highlight, the EU Youth Conference in Sofia on 16-20 April.

The European Youth Forum and the National Youth Forum – Bulgaria, will continue their cooperation with the Youth Ministry and beyond, to make sure the Presidency will be a success for the EU, Bulgaria, and an important step forward for the National Youth Forum and young people in Bulgaria.

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